I Hope Mandy Patinkin is Eating his “Holla” Bread Today on Yom Kippur!

All right my Jewish friends, I know it starts tonight but Happy Yom Kippur! Do you even say that? I mean, you have to atone and fast and repent. No marital relations even! How much fun can THAT be? Do you even get any presents???

Before I show any more cultural insensitivity (too late) let’s talk about just a little bit MORE about the Emmys and one of my favorite Hebrews, Mandy Patinkin.

I STILL can’t believe he’s not a medieval Spanish guy in real life. My name is Liz Simons. You killed my dreams. Prepare to die.

Nope, Mandy wasn’t at the ceremonies, but our girl Claire Danes wished him the best after accepting her award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her roll in Homeland.


I was all, did she just suggest he go out and get some CHALLAH bread? Is she being kind, or an Anti-Semite? Before I get arrested for slander because I should not be spreading gossip in my highly regarded blog The DVR Files, let’s assume that was just Danes’ attempt at being funny. But yes, challah bread DOES sound awesome right now!

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