My Emmy Predictions, Wicked Quick: Part 1

Oh sh–. Two  months ago I pledge to you that I would make my Emmy predictions every day for the 18 major categories.

I did 5.

Oh sh–.

This baby is PISSED at me.

So . . . the Emmys begin in two hours and I am going to fulfill my promise but make it super quick and only slightly brilliant unlike my other posts which were completely brilliant. Sorry folks.

Let’s go, shall we?

First up: Outstanding Drama Series.


  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Breaking Bad
  • Downton Abbey
  • Mad Men
  • Homeland
  • Game of Thrones

Jesus F—ing Christ. This might be the toughest category EVER, because all these shows are great. And I only watch TWO of them–Boardwalk and Game. See, I started watching Breaking when it first premiered in 2008 but then I moved in with my aunt and uncle (temporarily, of course, because I AM AN ADULT) and wasn’t in charge of the DVR so I fell behind and then never jumped back on. I watched the first season of Mad Men before it was trendy but I confess I feel the same way about Mad as I do about Ian McEwan novels–I respect them and I get that they’re good but they’re way too f—ing boring for me. Downton I skipped but according to all my Anglophile Facebook friends it’s rad, and then I don’t get Showtime so I’ve missed Homeland but everyone who watches it says it’s the best show ever.

Angela Chase has come SO far!

Boardwalk is good but not great. Nucky, please don’t send any bad guys after me for saying that. And Game is so intriguing and creepy deepy and sexy and funny but I think it might be a little too out there for the Emmys.

So . . .

Who I Want to Win: Game of Thrones

Who Will Win: Homeland


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