Me and Louis C.K. have both performed at Gleason’s Gym

I totally don’t like to brag about my life outside of this groundbreaking blog. I am a really modest person, after all. Modest AND beautiful AND talented, but I usually keep those last two to myself because they are so obvious to everyone who meets me.

Another talented person that I adore is Louis C.K., who stars on what I consider the best show currently on television, Louie.

Who doesn’t want to sleep with a ginger?

And um . . . Louie and I have performed on the same stage at different times. Sort of.

For anyone who’s been following this season of Louie, the last few episodes have dealt with the character Louie C.K. being chosen to replace David Letterman as host of the Late Show upon his retirement. Don’t worry–I won’t give you any spoilers from last night’s ep because I haven’t watched it yet! But I DID watch last week’s, and besides costarring frigging David Lynch, it was amazing for another reason. See, Louie is kind of a schlub, albeit a LOVABLE one, and he needs to get in shape. So the David Lynch character, who is supposed to be some super higher up executive, sends him to Gleason’s Gym!

Why this is so super cool is that I have produced and performed in two comedy shows at Gleason’s, which is an old school boxing gym in Brooklyn. Almost exactly a year ago my two comedian buds Selena Coppock and Sue Funke (both VERY funny ladies) and I produced a show called “Brooklyn vs Queens: A Comedy Throwdown” where we pitted comics from the two outer boroughs against each other. We did the gays vs the gays, the blondes vs the blondes, the Massholes vs the Massholes, and more! Everyone was a winner!

Looking very glamorous, as usual.

So when I watched last week’s episode of Louie, I was all, oh Louie, we’re like two peas in a pod. Sort of!

I can’t wait to see which other famous star will be copying me soon. Hehe.

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