Kriss Kross Are Fashion Icons

The other day I was leaving my apartment to go to work and I thought to myself, you know what would be really fun? Wearing my cardigan backwards! Sure, it would be hard to button up, but it would look so COOL!

Even the models are doing it!

And then I started thinking, where did I EVER get the idea to wear my clothes backwards? Were there two adolescent boys in the early 1990s that used to rap and wear their baseball jerseys backwards whose image burned into my retinas so deeply that twenty years later I want to make such a bold fashion choice? I Kriss Krossed my memory for five minutes and then I’m all, BINGO!

This makes me want to jump, jump!

What the hell ever happened to Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith anyway? Are they hanging out at the mall advising shoppers to make innovative sartorial decisions?

Well, shockingly, the boyz are still in music, according to Kyle Donley. Kelly runs his own label and Smith is still making music. Woohoo!

But ley’s be honest, will they ever be able to warm it up like they used to???

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