This is Going to Make You Feel Old

Jesus F—ing Christ. Can you believe that Anna Nicole Smith’s little girl Dannielynn Birkhead is now six-years-old? No? Well, thank GOD for Access Hollywood because they will take us directly to her birthday party on Monday. They should really call it Access Ohio, because that’s where the celebration is! Who’s coming with?

With Daddy Larry, but they really look like twins. Eek!

It’s kind of unbelievable that Anna has been dead for almost six years. She was such a sad soul but I imagine she’d take comfort that her daughter seems to be flourishing.

I will always love Anna for her wackado take on life in The Anna Nicole Show, one of the first voyeuristic reality shows that introduced us to perhaps the greatest reality character of all time, Bobby Trendy.

You KNOW he pulled a LeAnn Rimes and called the paparazzi himself!

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