Does ANYONE Remember FTV Besides ME???

God, sometimes life is SO UNFAIR. Like, I have a dollar and want a Coke Zero but the vending machine only has Diet Pepsi. Or I have a dollar and want Peanut M&M’s but the vending machine only has plain M&M’s. Or I have a dollar bill and the machine only takes coins. I could go ON and ON, but I think you would have too many nightmares about the problems I encounter when attaining snacks.

It is also unfair that Sad Keanu is sitting all alone eating a sandwich. Here, let me come sit on your lap.

However, in a world of unfair predicaments, there is perhaps one situation that is the most unfairest of them all: John Tesh’s music, which currently is playing on my Enya/Yanni Pandora channel? Nope! I will tell you what is truly terrible . . . .

No one remembers the show FTV, not even Youtube!

I watched FTV back in 1985 when I was a wicked little kid living in the suburbs of Boston and shopping at Market Basket. I have no idea when it was on, what channel it was on, or heck even what the hell it was about. I just remember liking it. According to IMDB,

In this series, the players perform in comedy sketches that are predominately parodying the typical fare of MTV such as the music videos. In addition, there are regular sketches of pop music oriented feature characters as well as performances by various musical guest stars.

Well, there you have it! But where you DON’T have it is anywhere else on the Internet, even though it costarred Eagles guitarist Don Felder! His career must have been very “Desperado” at the time!

I also remember that actress Bridget Michele was a featured player. She later went on to much success in my beloved show Rags to Riches, which lasted a whopping one season. But at least you can find THAT on youtube!

FTV may be more obscure than the episode of Sister Kate featuring Milli Vanilli.

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14 Responses to Does ANYONE Remember FTV Besides ME???

  1. FranM says:

    no, don’t remember this but I was a big “Just Say Julie” fan on MTV …..

  2. me says:

    I do remember it. Used to watch it all the time on Sunday afternoons when I was about 13-14. Not sure if that was its regular time slot or if maybe it was in syndication at that point. Only vague memories of it today, but I remember liking it back then. You’ll find others who remember it in this post:

  3. slycoyote says:

    I remember it. I watched it all the time & like the other answer, I have vague memories of it. I liked watching Khandi Alexander, Pam Matteson, & Bridget Michele dancing to the music.

  4. duster3604 says:

    I have been looking for anything to do with F tv also. It was on at midnight or later, I think Tom Kenny (or Kinny not sure) was the main guy. Also had Khandi Alexander , and a very young Jennifer Anniston dancing on stripper poles. It was def low rate late night comedy. Jennifer and Khandi were basically unknowns. They probably bought the rights and destroyed any evidence. It was an awesome show and a fun time of my life. F tv and dr demento on Sunday ant midnight or 1 am.

    • slycoyote says:

      I think you’re wrong about J Anniston being on the show. It was either Pam Matteson, or Bridget Michele dancing on poles.

    • slycoyote says:

      Jennifer Anniston would have been 16. If I remember right, the show was adult oriented & on late at night.

  5. John R. says:

    I remember FTV used to air on KWGN channel 2 in Denver on Saturdays, either at 5:00 or 5:30 PM. Along with the music video parodies, there was a “surfer dude” character (I forget his name) who sometimes opened the show with “Hey, dudes! What time is it? It’s time for F… T… Veeeeee!” This show, along with “Comedy Break with Mack and Jamie” and “Puttin’ On The Hits” were some of my favorites growing up.

  6. I remember this show, I use to watch FTV along with Puttin’ on the Hits and Comedy Break on WGN-TV Chicago SuperStation back in the day

    and yes, it’s sad that no one remembers FTV, it was from the Producer of The Gong Show, That’s My Mama and Puttin’ on the Hits in Chris Bearde and MCA-TV who also Distributed Puttin’ on the Hits

  7. therealdjmnm says:

    I remember this show! I’ve been looking for episodes of it but only found two YouTube (Men Without Morals & Laura Braningan on Club Ramone). It used to come on at 11pm est. Saturday night. On fox back then. This show was madtv before madtv. I wish i could find more.

  8. Tee says:

    Yes, I remember it and it was darn funny!!!! Elvirus!

  9. Xi-Xi Fryza says:

    I remember watching it on Saturday Night with my girlfriend. A couple of the skits I remember were Tape on Me and Don’t Come Around Here Any More with all sorts of weirdos coming to the door. This skit is on YouTube but it is hard to find very much on the show. The name being used by other shows and videos doesn’t help.

  10. Chad Pettigrew says:

    I do remember it. At the time, I thought it was really funny. I also enjoyed “Rags to Riches” and, yes, I still remember that episode of “Sister Kate.

  11. William Uchtman says:

    I DO remember it. Tried to get a TV Shirt for sending in ideas, but it was just a stencil you had to iron on yourself. Think I’ve still got one of their letters somewhere –

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