A Real Housewife Will Now be a Real Divorcee

Well HERE’s a shocker: one of the stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting a divorce.

I wonder if she will get her old face back in the settlement?

That’s right, wannabe catwoman Adrienne Maloof of the Bev Hills division is breaking up with her hubby, plastic surgeon Paul Nassif. And HE is the one who filed papers! Anyone who has ever watched the show is probably not surprised, they were fighting like the Jackson family this past season. Paul was the lovable lug, Adrienne just seemed annoyed by the sight of him, but maybe that’s just her face frozen in place? Who knows . . . .

Home girl is a bajillionaire and he doesn’t do shabby himself, I’m sure, so I imagine there’s a prenup so I doubt it will get too messy. I’m a little bummed, they were so much fun the first season, so I hope he at least makes some appearances on the show!

And don’t worry, fans of love, we still have Kyle and Mauricio!

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