And the Winner Is . . . .

Hey folks. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written. Well, 3 days. Whoops. I had a really busy week with a couple comedy shows and that thing I call work. Bummer, I know. But we have a LOT to talk about as Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday.

I can’t decide which of these two outfits I would wear if I were ever nominated for an Emmy. They are both SO classy!

What I’ve decided to do for you, my fans, is every day examine one of the main categories and discuss who I think should win, because obviously I am the most qualified person to do so as the reputable founder of The DVR Files.

Let’s begin with Outstanding Comedy Series, shall we?

So here are the nominees:

Curb Your EnthusiasmGirls, 30 Rock, Veep, The Big Bang Theory, and, hold your breath, Modern Family. Shocker, that last one is.

The good thing about this category is I watch every single one of these shows except for The Big Bang Theory, which my mom loves. She also loves Two and a Half Men, so . . . yeah, we won’t go there. I’m by no means an elitist viewer–I watch the Dallas reboot and if I miss an episode of Hoarders I eat all the mint dark chocolate espresso beans I stockpiled from Trader Joe’s–but even Mayim Bialik can’t save this show for me. And she was once Blossom! I admit I’m biased against it, so I definitely don’t think it will win the Emmy.

That leaves us with CurbGirls, 30 Rock, Veepand Modern Family. I am removing Girls from consideration, because even though I hate-watched every episode, I don’t want to encourage Hannah’s hideous taste in clothes or entitled Brooklynites in their early to mid 20s. Please, I meet enough of them on a daily basis. I am also removing 30 Rock because I wish Kenneth would die (he is my least favorite person on the show, his schtick is getting old) and Alec Baldwin needs age appropriate women for him on the show and in real life.

So now we’re left with three shows I truly love: Curb Your EnthusiasmVeep, and Modern Family. I’m a little annoyed Louie is not there, but whatever, I’ll get over it. Curb seems like it was on so long ago but then I remember Palestinian Chicken, lesbians in Central Park, and Bill Buckner and my heart warms up. This latest season was strong but a but a bit inconsistent. I thought it would be amazing set in New York City, but I feel that it came up slightly short. And not just because it featured Michael J. Fox as a guest star in the season finale. But the entire season was redeemed by this kid:


Next we have Veep, which was my favorite new comedy of the year, but it might have been the only new comedy I actually watched. Whatevs, it was still good. Julia Louis-Dreyfus killed it as vice president Selina Meyer. It was refreshing to see a smart, kick ass woman on tv who, while bumbling often, was not made to look like an idiot because of her sex (I’m talking to YOU, Newsroom!). Coupled with a strong supporting cast and excellent writing, Veep has the potential to win the election. Oh, I went there.

And then, of course, there is Modern Family. What’s surprising about this show is it’s popular and it’s still cool to be on the bandwagon. Maybe because it is really, really well done. Of all the nominees, it is the most consistently strong. I can’t think of a single episode where I did not pee in my pants laughing, and I don’t even wear diapers! Plus, it did the absolute impossible: made me forget that Ed O’Neill was Al Bundy. Though I wish Manny would get off my screen. Since he’s so smart, maybe they can send him to college early–out of state.

I can’t wait to see what age appropriate outfit 14-year-old Ariel Winter/Alex Dunphy will wear to this year’s Emmys!

So, after disseminating all six nominees, here is my prediction:

Who I Want to Win: Curb Your Enthusiam

Who Will Win: Modern Family

Make sure to check in tomorrow when I explore  who is the best actress in a comedy series!

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3 Responses to And the Winner Is . . . .

  1. FranM says:

    you don’t like Manny??? OMG; love him and I am on episode 5 of GIRLS and I totes adore it! no writing nominations for MF which just prove what a crock they are …

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    I like the IDEA of Manny, but I feel like the actor Rico whatever the hell his last name is is a little TOO precocious. Luke is my favorite, because he reminds me of Andrew. I watched every ep of Girls but found everyone insufferable. But I will not stop watching!

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