Short Hair is Not a Curse, Anne!

Oh Jesus F—ing Christ.

Anne Hathaway was super sad after she cut her hair to star as ho Fantine in Les Miserables.

I dreamed a dream that I had my hair back! And that my ex-boyfriend Raffaello never went to prison!

Yeah, yeah, I know Anne isn’t a tv star. I don’t think I’ve ever even DVR’ed anything she’s been in! However, I did watch the Oscars that she hosted with the walking dead actor known as James Franco.

Where’s the weed?

Now I don’t hate Anne. She seems nice enough, even though her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri pretended to be BFFs with the Pope. But bish, please. You get paid a lot of dinero to star in movies. While I know your long locks are a precious commodity, I bet you’re not going to die like Fantine and leave your daughter Cosette behind who then sings an annoying song about castles in the clouds. You know what’s cool about hair, Anne? It grows back!!!

So many women are deathly afraid to cut their tresses because they see it as a symbol of their femininity, their womanhood, and dudes like it. Am I generalizing and making assumptions on every women with long hair? Hell yes! That’s just who I am! Short hair rules!



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