Lou Diamond Phillips is Still a Fox, People!

Poor Lou Diamond Phillips. Until today, when I heard that name all I could think was he died in a plane crash in La Bamba, won the second season of I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!, and that he could play any ethnicity under the sun. Sure, he is handsome and talented and probably much richer than I will ever be, but he  also always has to live with the fact that his first wife left him for Melissa Etheridge. And then ended up going back to men!


Still a babe at 50! I can’t believe Julie Cypher left him!

Well, today I made a very wise decision that made me change my opinion on the current status of everyone’s favorite Young Gun. I started watching Longmire on A&E, the cable home of addicts and hoarders across the nation! I had started DVRing Longmire two weeks ago, but I had fallen way behind on my television viewing and thought about just deleting it since it was about a sheriff out in Wyoming, and I’ve never been one for Westerns. But I thought, what the hay, it’s Sunday and I’ve got some extra time. Plus I had just been to Idaho and I am obsessed with that part of the country so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

And I am happy I did! I didn’t even know Lou Diamond Phillips was on Longmire, but alas he is. He plays Henry Standing Bear, the sheriff’s best friend who works behind the bar at the town saloon. Oh, and he might be running a mobile hooker ring in Absaroka County. Until, of course, we find out that he isn’t running it, it’s just another Native American who is!

At any rate–I’ve only watched the pilot so far so we’ll see where it goes. But so far so good!

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