. . . But Seriously, this is my favorite Phil Collins video of all time

Life is full of tough decisions, but I dare you to think of one harder than this . . . if you were stranded on a desert island with an Ipad that could play just one Phil Collins video on youtube, what would it be?

With such talented video-making skills, even Phil has a hard time deciding which is his best!

I have spent hours, days, MONTHS pondering this very question. I mean, this is the man who brought us “Sussudio” which is a super fun video filmed in a bar where no jacket is required to have a good time. Believe me when I say “I Wish It Would Rain Down” before I had to choose one great Phil Collins video (especially if there was one with Jeffrey Tambor and Eric Clapton!). If only you could (Take a Look at Me Now)–which would REALLY be “Against All Odds” because I’m at MY computer, and you’re at YOUR computer, so we can’t ACTUALLY see each other . . . you’d (virtually) see that I’m eating lots of dark chocolate rather nervously because this is such an important choice.

. . . But Seriously, after much soul searching–and a visit to my favorite grocery store Western Beef where I heard this song piped over the sound system–I realized the answer was obvious. My favorite Phil Collins video of all time, is, drum roll please (and what’s cool is it could be a Phil Collins drum roll because he was the drummer for Genesis!) . . .

“Do You Remember?”


Let’s be honest here. “Do You Remember?” does not have quite the 1-2 punch of “In the Air Tonight” or even “Another Day in Paradise,” but what it DID have was a REALLY cute boy who a 10-year-old DVRPhile named Liz LOVED back in 1990 when she first watched this video on MTV. Apparently set in the early 1960s, the video follows this handsome boy with a 1990s haircut pondering after the girl next door, who returned his adoration by sharing a root beer float with him. And then the bitch moved away.

The song is slow, sweet, and boring. Let’s call a spade a spade. But the video is pure solid (soft rock) gold. So yes, Phil, I DO remember now which of your videos is my favorite. Thank you for guiding me so well for all these years.

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3 Responses to . . . But Seriously, this is my favorite Phil Collins video of all time

  1. Nahum Zak says:

    I just showed this video to my daughter (now in college) told her verbatim what you did. Then I googled the song (curious how the kids look today) and found this blog with the same sentiment! Most bittersweet beautiful video ever made imho.

  2. Ray Ancheta says:

    So what were the real names of the kids? No credits for them?

  3. Dave says:

    Good old IMDB for the kids names: Carla Anderson and Justin Hines (..but no pictures). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8657292/

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