That Heather Locklear is really “Going Places!”

Have you heard of this really great new actress Heather Locklear? She’s AWESOME. And blonde. And in every tv show known to man.

INCLUDING one of my faves from the early 1990s, Going Places.

What was Going Places about, you ask? I have no idea! I only watched it every Friday when I was in sixth grade because I used to babysit and what else was I going to do after watching Perfect Strangers? Eat a vat of frosting? (Don’t be ridiculous, I only ate that if they were out of Giggles cookies.) I DO know it had an excellent cast: Alan “Cameron” Ruck, Jerry Levine aka STILES from Teen Wolf, and Staci Keanan who had just come off a legendary run as the girl with My Two Dads.

Watch out for that Heather Locklear. She is going places. Maybe even rehab! Ouch, too soon?

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