Kim is Preggers AGAIN! The ring DID mean a thing!

There are many things I have accomplished of which I am proud. Running five marathons. Completing two Tough Mudders. Reading at least 52 books a year. Watching every episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yeah, I said it. There have been a lot of episodes so it’s not as easy as it looks. I’ve been there for the She by Sheree fashion show with no fashions (how dreadful!),  Nene’s alter ego photo shoot, and Deshawn’s charity events for her amazing foundation for, uh, girls. I’ve seen babies born and couple divorce (I was DEVASTATED when I saw departed Howive and acclaimed business woman Lisa Wu-Hartwell had broken up with her hot hubby Ed!), and I am only TOO excited for when Phaedra Parks, the esteemed lawyer to such stars as stand up citizen Bobby Brown, opens up her funeral home.

She really needs more girls!

Well, then, color me shocked when I read today that Kim Zolciak is pregnant yet again! And by shocked I mean not at all. This is her fourth child overall and second one with her husband Kroy Biermann, an NFL football player who is 7 years her junior. We devoted fans always are amazed at this because Kim claims to be 33 but really looks about 48. And a hard 48. She has two older daughters from previous relationship/s (I am not one to spread gossip BUT I’ve heard there are two baby daddies though it has not been verified on her wikipedia page, which everyone knows is the bastion of truth. And yes, you read that right, Kim Zolciak has a wikipedia page. Kim whose claim to fame is opening up her legs to Big Poppa and wearing wigs and smoking ciggies.).

I wish Kim and husband’s bank account the best.



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