Is Kate Bosworth Still a Thing?

So way back in 2002 there was this movie that some people saw called Blue Crush. There was a blonde chick in it who had two different color eyes which was supposed to impress me or something. Her name was Kate Bosworth. She went to high school in Massachusetts. Woohoo.

She's all right I guess.

She’s all right I guess.

But I too went to high in high school in Massachusetts and I knew a kid with a blue and a brown eye so Kate was totally no big deal to me. So I skipped the movie Blue Crush. My life went on.

And so did Kate’s. She dated Orlando Bloom. She banged Eric Northman. She married some director.

Yes please.

Yes please.

In between all of those men she made a few more movies I didn’t see, like Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! and Beyond the Sea.

And somehow we got to today, January 2, 2015, which also happens to be Kate’s 32nd birthday. And how does People magazine commemorate this important occasion?

By highlighting her best f—ing shoe moments. Yes, you read it right. They showed pictures of her f—ing shoes.

Look, it's a pair of boots and a pair of clogs. What a concept!

Look, it’s a pair of boots and a pair of clogs. How daring!

Someone’s publicist has been working hard for her money!

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