Oscar de la Renta is now de la Muerta

Too soon?

Probably. But taste has never been my strong point, nor has been using the proper tense of the word, apparently. (Should probably be de la Muertos. Ugh. I’m the WORST.)

Anyway, legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta died yesterday at the age of 82. He’s legendary because if I’ve heard of him, then everyone has heard of him (in addition to taste and matching tenses, fashion is not my strong point). We can thank Sex and the City for that!

My google image search isn't working, so here's an old pic from the vault of a young Carrie Bradshaw!

My google image search isn’t working, so here’s an old pic from the vault of a young Carrie Bradshaw!

I was going to highlight a bunch of gowns I liked by Mr. de la Renta, but unfortch my computer won’t let me download anything–one of the trials and tribulations of being a powerful blogger! So you’re going to have to settle for outfits that he most definitely did not design. I’m a profesh, after all, and that just means I’ll have to improvise!

My pirate costume from 6th grade

I was destined to be hilarious at a young age. Duh.

Oscar was more into dresses than pants.

My senior year high school yearbook photo

My high school yearbook photo. Face of an angel, mouth of a very annoying person.

Oscar would probably be cool with the pearls but the turtleneck covers up my beautiful neck. He would have wanted to showcase that!

Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie

Pretty as a peach blossom!

Let’s be honest–Mattel was channeling Oscar when they designed the most beautiful Barbie doll of all time.

So there you have it. Fashions iconic fashion designer Oscar de la Renta did not actually design. If that’s not journalism, then, well, we’re all very very lucky.

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