A Day in the Life of Liz Simons: September 26, 1993

Do you ever wonder what a day in the life of a genius is like? Me too, but Einstein is dead and I don’t possess his journals.



HOWEVER, I have the next best thing. The diary from December 28, 1990 to June 15, 1997 of a pop culture whore! That would, of course, be me.

Words of wisdom

Brilliant words inside.

Wow, I wonder what I was doing on 9/26/93, twenty years ago today?

Let’s consult the great book!

(Warning: Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Spelling, punctuation, and emphasis remain the same.)

Sun. morn 1:11 AM (WISH TIME) 9/26/93

Guess what, I might go to Grateful Dead Tuesday w/ Dad. I’m sooo excited, naturally! I just babysit + received $25 (Smiths). Wed. I’m babysitting for the McCarthys. They’re so cute + they pay a lot. Today I saw Good Son w/ Jessa + and after we saw the Lloyd Dobler that Hannah always talks about. Boy, was Jessa disappointed! We also saw Adam. Wow. Last night I went to a football game.


What a glamorous life. Work, play, boys? I just can’t.

But dig deeper and you will see how important this entry is in the whole expanse of human history. The Good Son, you say, scratching your head. Wasn’t that the late 20th century update of The Bad Seed starring the Frodo Baggins and the Home Alone kid?


He looks like someone stole his dog Wilfred.

It certainly was! AND it was rated R! And my parents let my 14-year-old ass see it. Woohoo! This movie was a huge deal. It was Macaulay Culkin’s chance to break out of his mischievous but lovable mold which he perfected in such classic films as the aforementioned Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and Uncle Buck. Homeboy had already been typecast at age 13. The travesty!

I vaguely recall Good Son being a little creepy but also completely ridiculous. Macaulay (spoiler alert) died at the end. Bummer! And then his career joined him in death a year later after his starring role in the critically panned Richie Rich.

Future Republican.

Future Republican.

The best part about The Good Son is that it was written by acclaimed novelist Ian McEwan, who also penned the books Atonement and Amsterdam. Hey, anything for a paycheck.

So what were YOU doing twenty years ago today?

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