Knox Overstreet and Captain Picard Got Married This Weekend

With just three episodes remaining before Breaking Bad leaves the airwaves, the world is in need of some good news.

In happier days when Walt just tried to get Junior sh-- faced!

In happier days with the fam!

Don’t worry–I’m not going to give any spoilers for last night’s episode. Except that there was a smoke monster. KIDDING! I never even watched Lost.



Nope, the good news is that despite a meth empire breaking apart a family, you still can find love in the air. I know this because two actors got married this weekend: Josh Charles from The Good Wife and Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Mazel tov!

Truth be told, I’m filled with a bit of mixed emotions. See, I started loving Josh way back in 1989 when I first saw the movie Dead Poets Society. The then 17-year-old actor played Knox Overstreet, a rich private school boy who spent his time wooing a pretty public school co-ed. THIS GAVE ME HOPE.

Although now I realize how obKNOXious (haha get it?) and entitled he was. Ugh, stealing the bread? Just buy a loaf, preppy!

Everyone knows it's Nuwanda that's hot anyway.

Everyone knows it’s Nuwanda that you’d REALLY want anyway.

At any rate, Josh, now 41, married a pretty former ballerina named Sophie Flack (no relation to Roberta, which is strange since she is killing me softly by taking her man away from me. Zing!).

Elsewhere in the entertainment world, Patrick Stewart, all around sexy bald man, married his “longtime girlfriend” Sunny Ozell on Sunday. People Magazine calls any relationship longer than six months “longtime” but these two have been together since 2009. Patrick is 73 and Sunny is 35. And yes, they live in Brooklyn, which is obvious when you look at pictures of them together. They are too precious for words.



I like Patrick Stewart and Sunny seems like fun. I’m really just jealous. I lived in Brooklyn at one point in my life and I’m in my 30s. Why didn’t marry Patrick Stewart???

Oh well, at least I can watch this clip from Extras over and over to get by P. Stew fix.

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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