Where’s The Love? With the Hanson Brothers and Their Wives

MMMBop! Those Hanson brother sure know to make babies!

Which is funny because I didn't little girls could make sperm.

Which is funny because I didn’t know adolescent girls could make sperm.

You see, middle brother Taylor (the hot one) and his wife Natalie recently welcomed their FIFTH child to their brood and named her Wilhelmina. People magazine asked Natalie to explain why they named her Wilhelmina, and I now I have to explain why I clicked on the link. Slow news day, I guess.

While I figured Natalie would say something along the lines of, “After having four other children in ten years, I was all, who the cares about names!” she said something along the lines of it is feminine and can have lots of nicknames. Sounds EXACTLY like my name, Elizabeth. We’re practically twins!

Wilhelmina joins her 3300 first cousins, including Zac’s kids John and Junia and Isaac’s tot Clarke. Mazel tov!

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