Color Me Jealous!

Sometimes I wish I was rich. Oh how much fun would it be! I could take cabs wherever I wanted, I could buy brand name dental floss, and I could go to concerts all the time! And if I missed the show? I’d just invite the band to my favorite burger joint The Peach Pit!

I Wanna Sex all of you up! Not!

That’s why I am SO jealous of people who lived in Beverly Hills, 90210, in 1992. See, back then, Color Me Badd were playing locally. But the gang couldn’t score tickets to the show, so David Silver found out what hotel they were staying at. While hunting for them, Donna discovered that her mother was having an affair. I guess she didn’t adore su amor, her husband!

Anyway, then Kelly somehow befriended the band and invited them to the Pit, where they serenaded Donna. Now–truth be told I was not a huge Color Me Badd fan–I prefer bands who know how to spell, like Another Bad Creation–but even I was impressed by the huge pull Kelly has! Damn girl, you a hustler!

So what was YOUR favorite musical moment on Bev 90210?

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