You Know You Watch Too Much TV When You Recognize the Detective on American Horror Story who’s onscreen for 2 seconds as Brandon Walsh’s Token Black Neighbor on 90210

All right, sorry for the long headline, but it’s the TRUTH.

See, this morning I watched the latest episode of the hilarious family sitcom American Horror Story: Asylum. It is such a wholesome heart-warming show!

Everyone needs their vaccinations!

Towards the end of the episode, police officers were called to the scene of a possible murder at the fictionalized Briarcliff Manor. Since the show is currently set in Massachusetts, the cops naturally attempted wicked bad Boston accents.

Except for one detective.

See, this detective was not just anyone, he was a one-time staff photographer for the West Beverly Blaze. He was also like the only black person Brandon Walsh knew during his high school career (well, besides his sister, who was played by Vivica A. Fox).

That’s right, I’m talking about Rondinson Ashe the III.

I miss the hair of 1991.

Rondinson was played by actor Eugene Byrd in September 1991, over 21 years ago. And I remember him so vividly that when I saw him for 3 whole seconds on this week’s AHS:A I immediately looked it up on to confirm that it was indeed him. However–his page hasn’t been updated yet, so I googled and confirmed via his twitter account @vududaddy that he was indeed one of Boston’s finest (or whatever the hell fictionalized town Briarcliff is supposed to be in!).

Eugene has been working steadily since his turn on 90210, including guest roles on BonesWilfred, and Daybreak. Heck, I even recognized him ten years ago when he had a key part in 8 Mile with Eminem but I did not have a brilliant blog then to rant and rave about it. Alas, now I do.

Good detective work, DVR Files.


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