Rose Petal is NOT just a Part of a Flower, Google Image Search!

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I wanted to research my all time favorite costume.

Surprisingly, not this one.

Nope, I’m talking about Rose Petal, who I dressed up as a six-year-old in 1985. Rose Petal was pretty cool. She lived in a pail with her pals Sunny Sunflower and Lily Fair in Rose Petal Place and took care of all the other flowers.

I wanted to show you what Rose Petal looked like, in case you forgot. So I google imaged “Rose Petal.”

And guess what the f— came up?


Oh wow.

And this.

Buy me!

And finally this romantic bullsh–.

I’d rather have candy.

I’m all, WHAT THE F—? Did the 1980s never happen? Was the greatest animated movie of all time, Rose Petal Place, never released in 1984? What about its sequel Rose Petal Place: Real Friends? You can’t revise history google!

FINALLY, after modifying my search to “Rose Petal Costume Plastic Mask,” I was able to find what I wanted. Thank you Hillary Buckholtz from Urlesque!

I love the pink on red look.

Doesn’t this picture make you miss the ’80s? These costumes were the greatest! Your mom doesn’t know how to sew? No problem. Just go to CVS and pick up a cheap plastic costume that looks like a picnic table cloth and a mask that could potentially suffocate you! Woohoo!

Moms today are too fancy. I would wear the sh– out of one of these costumes again. Someone please make me a time machine. Okay thanks.

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