Nick Lachey’s Son is NOT Named After the Most Dangerous City EVER!

Well, I can sleep better now.

Nick Lachey, the man who has never met a reality show he has not loved (Clash of the Choirs, Stars Earn Stripes, The Sing-Off, and there are MORE!), announced to People mag that his newborn son with wife Vanessa Minnillo is NOT named after everyone’s favorite crime-ridden city in New Jersey, Camden.

Remember when she was a virgin? Hahahahahaha!

Well, phew! I was worried! If it was a girl, I hope he would have named it after everyone’s second-favorite city in Dirty Jerz, Elizabeth! Which ALSO happens to be my name!

Let’s enter this article into the and “Not a Single F— was Given” Hall of Fame. Though I do admit I have a kind of soft spot for Nick and Vanessa. They seem like nice, normal people, except for all the press releases they send to People about sh– no one cares about.

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