Jon Hamm’s Sausage Has Returned!

There was a Presidential Debate last night?

Oops, I missed it. I was too busy looking at looking at the sneak attack of the snake in Jon Hamm’s pants.

Ahhhh! Hide in the basement because it’s BACK!

Jon and his friend from the land down under are currently filming the HBO movie Clear History in Boston, and nothing could be clearer than the fact that Jon comes to the set extra loaded with a heavy duty pistol ready to shoot bullets or blanks at a moment’s notice.

Also, that my mom is very disappointed that I’m a grown woman who makes way too many penis jokes. Oh well!

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6 Responses to Jon Hamm’s Sausage Has Returned!

  1. Judy says:

    I hereby name thee “Caged Potato.”

  2. My sons will tell you, there can never be enough penis jokes!

  3. oakmdd says:


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