What a Terrible Show!

I bet you read that headline and were all, Liz, I know there is a lot of bad television, but usually you try to stay positive! And you’d be right! See, I tricked you with that headline. What I am REALLY saying is what a terrible GRANT Show!

Jo is not the only one whose heart was broken by Jake Hanson!

Grant Show has been on a staple on our television screens since 1992, when he first appeared as Kelly Taylor’s love interest Jake Hanson, brooding biker, on Beverly 90210. He proved so studly with lady fans that he inspired his own spin off, Melrose Place, which went on for about 50 years even though it should have only lasted three. He’s since appeared in the shows Swingtown, the Emmy-worthy Lifetime production Natalee Holloway, and soon will star on his very own Lifetimes series Devious Maids. Swoon!

So–why am I calling Jake, I mean Grant, terrible? Well . . . he just got married, and not to me! I mean . . . I couldn’t marry Matt Fielding now, could I? I think he likes men . . . .

Don’t tell anyone, but he married crazy bitch Sydney Andrews in real life!

While I SHOULD be wishing Grant well, it does break my heart a bit. I take this personally because way back in the day when I was a student at Duke, Grant starred in a play on our campus. He used to hang out at the now defunct campus bar the Hideaway (rest in peace) and I remember seeing him there. He was short but cool. And now off the market.

I guess there are just no good men in that sex-filled apartment complex Melrose Place. Sigh. Life is so unfair.

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