I’m gonna be a big star, Ma!

Hello all-

Yesterday morning I made my television debut (of sorts) on Good Morning America where they were trying to set the Guinness record for the most makeovers in a 24 hour period. Now, as you know I am REALLY beautiful so they didn’t have to spend a lot of time on me, just about 3 hours. Kidding! More like 10 minutes.

While I was actually made over on Tuesday morning, my friend Nicki texted me yesterday, which was Wednesday: “Did I see your makeover on good morning america this morning???”

I replied: “Probably!”

To which she responded: “I thought I saw your before and after!”

Oh, snap! I was excited! As a huge fan of television, here was my big break! I had DVRed GMA that morning, so the minute I got home from work I fast-forwarded till I could find my beautiful mug.

She’s a beaut!

Truth be told, I prefer the picture my friend Amy took of me later that day. I’m not an egomaniac or anything.

I feel like a bit of a trader that I’m not wearing my signature glasses, but what are you going to do. This could make a good online dating photo, hehe.

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1 Response to I’m gonna be a big star, Ma!

  1. Cleveland G. Oakes Jr. says:

    “Wow!”, Nuff said.

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