What We Learned From the Emmys, Part 2

Good news people. I’m back to share part two of my insight of the Emmys last night. Lucky you!

I'd be excited too!

I’d be excited too!

So let’s talk about the big shocker of the evening  . . .

Modern Family won Outstanding Comedy Series AGAIN!

What huge boobs? I don't see any huge boobs.

But everyone knows that Sofia has her very own golden globes.

Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. For the fourth year in a row, Modern Family took the crown. I was hoping it would go to 30 Rock or Louie but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. At this point it is more likely that I will be cast on Dancing With The Stars than anyone else ever winning Outstanding Comedy as long as MF is on the air.

It’s Sweet to Repeat: The Julia Louis-Dreyfus Story

That's Julia on the right. She couldn't even get her own photo in the Day by Day years!

She’s come a long way since Day By Day.

Another repeat offender this year is the first female veep, Selina Meyer. I was happy to see her win, though I thought Tina Fey would take the Emmy as a goodbye to 30 Rock. Oh well.

Also, kind of love how now that they’ve given Melissa McCarthy the Emmy for Mike & Molly as a consolation for her Bridesmaids Oscar snub, she’ll never be nominated again.

I gave my head a big bang when Jim Parsons picked up his third Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Who doesn't want to sleep with a ginger?

No, it’s not a nightmare. You really didn’t win the Emmy, Louie.

Look, I’m sure Jim Parsons is a nice person and my parents love The Big Bang Theory so obviously it is cutting edge (I am such a mean daughter), but, ugh, really? I knew Louie had no chance but not even Alec? Academy, start getting taste! From, Elitist TV viewer who also watches Real Howives so what do I know anyway.

The Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy was truly a Merritt-based award.

The cable snob in me automatically likes Nurse Jackie even though I’ve never seen it, so I was pleasantly surprised with Merritt Wever’s victory and awesome speech! You go girl!


PS-My parents DO love Nurse Jackie, so maybe they are hip after all? Yup, they are. You should see the outfits my mom picks out for me! Very cool.

All right, that’s enough for now. More Emmy discussion to come later!




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1 Response to What We Learned From the Emmys, Part 2

  1. Fran says:

    Merrit Wever deserved it for her New Girl stint as Schmidt’s ex

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