40 Over 40: Let’s Do It!

I love young people. They know things like social media. They help us olds out with technology. They can explain to me which Jonas Brothers is which.


I lied. I know which Jonas Brother is which. 

Sometimes, however, millennials get on my nerves.

One time I asked a friend in his late 20s what was his favorite quote from Princess Bride. “Uh, it came out before I was born,” he replied. Uh, Washington was President before was born and I know who he was. Inconceivable!

I like young people and I like old people and I like everyone in between, except for the Kardashians. We live in a culture that celebrates and elevates youth, which is awesome! But now it’s time for us mid-range and older folks to sing our bodies electric. Yes my old ass is trying to plagiarize Walt Whitman, and no it’s not working.

I turn 40 next year. I wish I could say I am super excited, but I’m getting a little freaked out. As a single, child-free woman who dabbles in online dating and acting (and I want to dabble more in the latter so HIRE ME), I’m not supposed to admit my age. I’m not supposed to admit that I want to get married and have children because that makes me look desperate and SCARES ALL THE MEN AWAY. Oh well! My constant wearing of cardigans probably scares them away already.

So as I march to 40, I am going to highlight 40 people who slayed it at the age of 40 or older. The rules, which are subject to change, are as follows:

  • The person has to have been at least 40 when they first hit major success.
  • They can be a man or a woman, though I am going to focus on women.
  • If they are a man, they can’t be married to a woman young enough to be their daughter.
  • They can be alive or dead.
  • They can have been working towards their goal before the age of 40 but they can’t have been a household name.
  • That said, they don’t necessarily have to be a household name but rather that they have achieved a major level of success in their field.
  • While the focus will be on people who are famous(ish), I will also highlight people who are up and coming and doing it!
  • If they were famous before the age of 40 but then achieved major success in another area over the age of 40, they don’t qualify. For example, Shirley Temple shined as a child star before she transitioned to a diplomatic career at age 41. She’s an awesome role model, but she can’t make this list.
  • They can have achieved success in any industry, not just entertainment.

If you have any nominations, please comment below or email me directly at liz@thedvrfiles.com.

So buckle your seat belt in your sensible and safe car, because we are going for a very steady ride!

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