Guess What I Did Not Do Tonight? Watch Mad Men.

So sue me! But don’t be disappointed because even if you win I have no money to give you, just lots of spices that I never use. Those things get expensive!

I watched Mad Men during its first season in 2007. I had read a review of it somewhere and it was supposed to be THE show. Someone from Sopranos was involved. I thought, why not.

Why yes Liz I would love to get you drunk and take advantage of you.

I watched the show each week out of obligation, like going to church on Sundays, which coincidentally, was the day it aired. I kept waiting for something to happen. Sure, Don Draper was hot. Yes, Joan made me want to get breast implants. I appreciated the show, kind of like you appreciate Shakespeare. You know you’re supposed to like it but you never really do.

I stuck with it but never quite got it. By the time the second season came around in the summer of 2008, Mad Men was everywhere. I watched the first episode and realized I didn’t like it. So I gave it up.

There are times when I feel like I’m missing out on a huge pop cultural phenomenon. I feel left out. But it’s my choice and I’m sticking to it, because honestly it would take way too many hours to get caught up at this point, and my DVR is already full.

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2 Responses to Guess What I Did Not Do Tonight? Watch Mad Men.

  1. Cleveland G. Oakes Jr. says:

    No one watches this show. It is the lowest rated program on AMC, and the only people that hype this show is the media. I actually met a big time Hollywood Agent who thinks this show is a steaming pile of garbage. I tried, I couldn’t get into it. You aren’t missing anything.

  2. Katie S says:

    I love Mad Men and not just because of Jon Hamm – purrrr. I think the character development is brilliant. For example, in Episode 2 (I think) when it was focused on Betty. She gained weight and while it is easy to hate Betty and be happy that she was miserable, it went deeper than that. They showed her struggle with her anxiety, ungratefulness, and unhappiness and how it drove her to eat. When she went to the doctor’s to get pills (of course!) to help her lose weight, the doctor was so cold, one actually felt bad for Betty. Then, he finds a lump. And she is freaking HAPPY. NOW! She has a reason for her misery (and her weight gain). While this is happening, we see Betty compared to her new mother-in-law and Don’s new wife, Megan (who I love). It was so well-thought out and well-done. I feel that they really get into the minds of the characters. And I love shows with great characters, like Sopranos.

    I dunno. I love this show.

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